Editorial Photography

My editorial photography is comprised of hyper-curated imagery; most commonly my portrait and studio work.

The term “editorial” has become a common buzzword in the photography industry. Simply put, editorial imagery is that which evokes the feeling of being in print–it is more so an overall feel than specifically what the image is of itself.

Kenzie Henderson | IN STUDIO

Portfolio building session in studio with Kenzie fall 2023.

Logan at home | Headshots Spring 2023

There is something especially vulnerable and intimate about photographing a client in their own home. For me, when photographing someone in the space in which they conduct their every day life it is important to focus not only on the subject themselves but the details of the space in which they inhabit.

The little details that make up a person’s home can often times paint an even better picture of who they are–sometimes even more so than words.

One of Logan’s favorite collections of poetry, “Love is a Dog from Hell” by Charles Bukowski.


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